firefox counter Back in September, the Firefox download counter rolled over the 400 million mark giving Mozilla yet another reason to celebrate over their open-source web browser. At the time, Ryan looked at their current trend in growth and estimated that around April 15th, 2008 Firefox would hit their 1/2 billion milestone. Well, it’s only February 22, 2008 and they’ve just hit their 500 million mark. Congratulations Firefox!

On the Mozilla Blog, they made the announcement and helped show the significance of it by explaining that in terms of dollars, $500 million would be enough for you and 15 of your friends to fly to the International Space Station. In weight they say that it would be like 8,500 Boeing 747 airplanes.  For Mozilla, part of celebrating this milestone includes giving back.  They’re inviting people to help celebrate by playing a “game” over at www.freerice.comWe’ve written about it before, when you go to the site, a word will be displayed and you’ll be given four difference choices of what the word means.  For each word you get right, they’ll donate 10 grains of rice to a hungry person through an international aid agency.  On their blog, they said that they are trying to break another milestone by donating 500 million grains of rice in on day.

Looking ahead, given the current trends, it looks like the next big milestone will be around Wednesday, July 30th 2008 when they’ll hit the 600 million download mark. Once again, congratulations to Mozilla and the Firefox team!