Firefox Coop
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Mozilla is working on a new addition for Firefox called Coop, and the goal of the project is to add some social networking features to the browser. I was actually really shocked when I heard about this because Flock, a browser based on Firefox, has already gotten a huge headstart at implementing social features that connect users with their favorite services such as and Flickr.

The Coop Firefox extension will let you track your friends pictures, bookmarks, movies, blog posts, and essentially anything else they feel like sharing. Right now I’m not huge into the whole social network thing like MySpace and Facebook…in fact I don’t have an account on either service. It’s not that I feel it’s bad, but everyone I know who has those accounts seem to get consumed in them. Once you’re in, you’re hooked…kinda like World of Warcraft (another thing I forbid myself to try).

There is currently a prototype of the extension available in the Add-ons Sandbox (you’ll have to login to your Mozilla account in order to download it) that works only with Facebook for the time being:

This version is a very early prototype with only a fraction of the proposed functionality. It lets you log in to your Facebook account, see your Facebook friends, send them links by dragging and dropping them onto your friends, and see the links your friends send you.

While new Firefox features are always exciting to get, hopefully they are also focusing heavily on the memory leak issue that plagues so many users. A memory leak, for those unfamiliar with it, is when an application continuously eats up more and more memory (a.k.a. RAM) without ever releasing it. The result will either be a really slow program, or the application will just crash. Numerous memory leaks still exist in Firefox 2, but my experience in Firefox 3 has been much better with Firefox normally taking up less than 150MB of memory.

For right now this Coop feature is in the very early stages and may differ as the development progresses. One thing that I do like about Coop is that it is just an extension you have to install, so if you’ll never use it you don’t have to worry about it adding some extra weight to your browser.

Source: TechCrunch