Google might not be actively working on the Google Browser Sync extension for Firefox, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sync your bookmarks, tabs, passwords, and more! Mozilla just released Weave 0.2, which is a major milestone for their homegrown extension. The new version contains all sorts of enhancements like a simplified setup process, intelligent scheduler for determining when to synchronize data, and much more.

The setup process is pretty straightforward, and it took just a minute for me to go through all eight steps. Here’s a bunch of screenshots for each of the things you’ll encounter when setting up a new Weave account:

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weave setup 1.jpg weave setup 2.jpg weave setup 3.jpg weave setup 4.jpg weave setup 5.jpg weave setup 6.jpg weave setup 7.jpg weave setup 8.jpg

The nice thing with Weave is that you can have it synchronize bookmarks, browsing history, cookies, passwords, saved form data, and tabs with multiple computers. This is excellent news for anyone that uses multiple computers on a regular basis, or in my case, someone that just wants a thorough backup of important data (like bookmarks). Plus it looks like in the future they will support the synchronization of extensions, themes, search plugins, and microformats.

How often does Weave synchronize your data? The FAQ’s says that it’s at least every 20 minutes if any data has changed:

After the initial data transfer is completed during initial setup, Weave connects to the server periodically when it accumulates enough changes that need syncing or when enough time has passed since the last sync (at least once every 20 minutes if any data has changed). Weave also syncs when you start Firefox, when you quit it, and when you click on the “Sync Now” button in the Weave menu or the preferences.

Once you have completed the setup process you can always go back and adjust what gets synchronized by pulling up the Firefox preferences:

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weave 1.jpg weave 2.jpg weave 3.jpg weave 4.jpg

All-in-all Weave is a terrific extension that is blossoming into something great. The main thing that I would like to get next is an online interface for managing bookmarks, but I haven’t seen any indication that they are working on this.

The Fine Print:
If you do decide to give Weave a whirl it does have some current incompatibilities. It doesn’t support OS X on Power PC, there’s no 64-bit Linux support, and some versions of Linux don’t always work. Plus Weave doesn’t work if you have the NoScript extension enabled.

Get Weave 0.2 for Firefox [via jkOnTheRun]