YouTube designers and developers are in the process of making quite a few  changes to both the look of YouTube and some of its features. They say that some changes will be to existing features, but they’ll also be rolling out some new ones.  In the mean time, they’ve put together a preview of what the new browsing page will look like. Ready to see it?

youtube preview

Any first impressions? My first thought was WOW, that red is really loud. Almost too loud. Once I started reading the comments on the YouTube blog, I realized I wasn’t the only one who felt it was a little too red! With their current look, I like how just the logo has the red and the rest of the site is blues and grays. Now it reminds me of a political site for some reason, although it could be because of the big ad for the YouTube debate on the right. My biggest suggestion is to simply ditch the red.

Aside from the red, here are a few changes they’ve been working on:

  • Categories will be found under the “videos” tab
  • Dropdown menus make for a smoother transition when clicking through popular pages (e.g., Most Viewed, Top Favorites)
  • Tabs and video browsing pages have a new overall look and feel

They haven’t said when all of these changes will go live on the main site, but they say it’s soon.  If you feel compelled to give your feedback about all of these changes before they launch it, just visit the preview page found here. To the right of the page you’ll see suggestions for feedback like how is the overall presentation or what do you like and what don’t you like (and why, of course). Then they provide the email address where you can give your two cents.

Source: Googlified