Everybody has their favorite way to search, whether it’s Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.  I think I’ve been programmed to search Google, at least that’s what my fingers tend to automatically type when I need to do a search.

While Yahoo and Google are great ways to search, there are alternatives that may suit you better for certain searches.  Below you’ll find five alternatives that you can try out in place of the search that you regularly use.


RollyoRollyo stands for “Roll Your own Search Engine.”  It allows you to create and publish your own search engine giving you a customized search experience that includes only the sites and categories that you want included.  It’s supposed to help reduce the amount of irrelevant search results that you receive.

For Firefox fans, you can add any Searchroll (a compilation of sources to search) right to your Firefox searchbar.


NettrekkerThis one is designed with the kids in mind. Kids are becoming tech-savvy at a young age, and this search is the perfect collaboration of age appropriate material. They have a whole line of search products just for schools and children.

Sometimes you come across web services that aren’t free, as is the case with NetTrekker. But sometimes, it’s also worth that cost.


DrazeThis one isn’t taking you away from Google or Yahoo, instead it’s comparing the results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN all in one search. It’s like Dogpile except it doesn’t include searches from Ask.com.

Each of those services return different results, so it’s nice to get the combination of results that Draze offers. When you perform a search, it will let you know where the item ranked for each of the three search sites.


KosmixKosmix is in the very early stages of development, and because they’re a topical search, they only have few select categories for now.

The categories that they offer include health, video games, finance, travel, US politics, and Autos. If you’re searching for something that would fit under any one of those categories, give it a try.

I did a search on “Iraq War” under the politics section, and it pulled up a page with the search results, news, blogs on the topics, and they also offered suggestions for refining the search. At the top they included a snippet from the Wikipedia page on the topic.


ChachaChaCha is probably one of the more original, unique ideas I’ve come across in terms of a search engine. Their focus is to provide you great results using professionals.  You’ll get a guide (this is free) who will provide you results that match your specifications.

You can perform automated searches, but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, try clicking on “Chat Live with a Guide” and see if they can do better. This too is in beta.

Source: FoxNews.com Thanks for the tip Cory!