BlurraydiscBlu-ray continues to get a few more people on their side in the battle with HD DVD. Just two weeks ago, Blockbuster decided to lend support to Blu-ray because next month when Blockbuster increases their selection of high definition DVD’s,  Blu-ray was chosen as the format.  This was viewed as another victory for Blu-Ray, and another slap in the face for HD DVD.

Now the Blu-Ray Disc Association will presumably get additional people on their side with a new promotion that will give those who purchase a new Blu-Ray Player five free Blu-Ray movies. This INCLUDES those who also purchase a Playstation 3! There are 21 different movies that people will be able to choose from including The Guardian, Chicken Little, The Italian Job, Stealth, Species, Underworld: Evolution, and more.

This promotion starts on July 1st, and once it has started, you’ll be able to get additional information at the website that they’ve set-up for it.

HD DVD has turned to promotions in the past to boost their sales, so Blu-ray is probably hoping they’ll see a similar boost in sales with their promotion. The more people they’re able to get to purchase their player, the closer they are to winning the battle.

If you’re considering purchasing a player, you may want to keep your eye out for additional promotions. points out that if you purchase the Panasonic DMP-BD10A player, you qualify for an additional five movies which means you would end up with 10 free movies.

Maybe you’re wanting a Playstation 3 instead of a dedicated Blu-ray player? You’re in luck with this situation too because Sony will give you two free games and an extra controller until July 8th at the Sony store, and you’ll also receive a $50 gift card with it. Add the five free movies to that, and it’s a pretty good deal.

I’d say now’s the perfect time to purchase a Blu-Ray player or Playstation 3 if you’ve been contemplating it.

Source: Ars Technica