Not that I need any excuse to waste time, but I always keep an eye out for the “Time Wasters” that Download Squad writes about. They’re usually pretty fun, and one in particular I recently got hooked on.  It’s called Tower Bloxx, and the flash-based game is about how well you can stack swinging building blocks. It sounds easy, but it can get tricky pretty fast. There are two different ways you can play. You can either choose to build a city, or just play a “quick game.”  Building a city will take you longer, and is the most fun, in my opinion.

tower bloxx 1

If you choose to build a city, your goal is to create a “thriving Megalopolis.” Part of creating a thriving city involves increasing the population.  You increase the population by building new buildings. There are four different types of buildings that you can build and each type can hold more people. To get the most people in each building, you need to build it well (this also unlocks the different types of buildings). This is the tricky part because there is a crane holding the building blocks for the buildings and they swing.  Your job is to determine when the crane should release the swinging block.  You want each block to be stacked as perfectly as possible because then more people move in.  As you get higher and higher, the tower starts to sway back and forth which makes your job even more difficult. The image below shows what a city block looks like once you’ve built a bunch of buildings:

tower bloxx

The quick game is all about seeing how many blocks you can stack.  Jason Clarke over at Download Squad said he managed to get 67 blocks in one game and didn’t think it was that great, but thus far I haven’t been able to get close to 67! Give it a try and let us know in the comments how well you did…