I can’t even tell you how many people that I know who are truly dedicated to using Notepad for their day to day basic writing tasks. The no-frills design minimizes distractions, and lets you get the job done quickly.

Now what do you get when you mix Notepad with a little bit of organization? Probably something like the free Windows app called Flashnote. It lets you group the things you’d typically throw into a separate file, and yet to me the program still feels light.

I’ve been using this program for the last few days, and keyboard junkies like myself will love the fact that you can open the app with a simple (customizable) shortcut or close it with the ESC key. There’s also an option to make the application minimize to the System Tray when you try to close it, which keeps the program actively awaiting your beckon call.

One option that I’d actually like to see in this program is a way to toggle the menus on and off. I’ve found that I really don’t use them since the six icons perform all of the operations that you need, and removing the menus would just make it even simpler.

Flashnote Homepage (Windows only; Freeware)