Flickr Agrees To Give Zoomr API Access But...

It was just days ago that Techcrunch reported that Flickr would not give Zooomr access to the Flickr API. Now Flickr is ready to give Zooomr access but in return Flickr wants access to Zooomr’s API. This is what Flickr had to say:

I actually had a change of heart and was convinced by Eric’s position that we definitely should approve requests from direct competitors as long as they do the same. That means (a) that they need to have a full and complete API and (b) be willing to give us access.

I think that this is very reasonable of Flickr and fair for both parties. Flickr wants to make sure that other companies aren’t taking advantage of them and this is a good solution to that. Now I guess Flickr isn’t so mean after all, but what will Zooomr’s response be?

News Source: Flickr