There are so many reasons that people use Flickr whether it’s for business, personal, or marketing purposes.  A recent blog entry over at Flickr points out how some members of Flickr are using it for something a little different than others and that is “to shine a light of social or global issues.” For this reason, Flickr has created a new site called Flickr for Good.  It’s a place where information can be shared on charity, issues, or other good causes out there. To help promote the site and get more non-profit organizations involved, Flickr has teamed up with TechSoup to donate 10,000 one-year memberships.

TechSoup is all about bringing technology donations to nonprofit organizations. Those 10,000 pro memberships would normally cost around $25 each but they are now available to organizations and libraries through TechSoup for a small administration fee. On the Flickr for Good site they say, “A photo gives us the ability to see what goes on in the world, but can also move us to care, or motivate us to help.  Many individuals and organizations use Flickr to share their mission to make the world better and this is just a sample of what’s going on at Flickr.” They’re hoping that these free memberships will motivate organization to share what they’re doing.

flickr for good
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As mentioned, it’s not completely free. Flickr did donate all 10,000 memberships but TechSoup charges an administrative fee of $3 per account. Any organization that’s listed in the USA or Canada as non-profit will be able to get a bundle of two accounts or a bundle of five free accounts. The bundle of two memberships will cost $6 while the bundle of five accounts will be $15. My only question at this point is what they’ll do when these one-year memberships expire. Will they once again offer the organizations free accounts? Or will they be required to pay full price if they want to continue what they had been doing?

To view the good works that have already been posted to Flickr like photos from Interplast which gives children the opportunity to have reconstructive surgery for free in 16 different countries, just check out