If you’re addicted to taking digital photos and/or using Flickr, check out flagrantdisregard.com/flickr for a variety of fun toys to enhance your experience. Whether you’re a Flickr user or not, there will still be a wide variety of toys for you to choose from.
Flickr Fun With Flickr Toys
First, the toys that everyone can use. One of my favorites is ‘motivator.’ You’ve seen the motivational posters before, and now you can design your own using your own pictures. Another fun toy is the ‘mosaic maker.’ This one is pretty self explanatory; you can create a mosaic out of your pictures. You’re able to choose how many rows and columns of pictures you’d like from a 1×1 to a 6×6. If you’re taking digital pictures that you want to have some fun with, even if you’re not a Flicker user, there’s many toys to choose from.

If you are a Flickr user, there are additional toys to have some fun with. First, there’s a ‘Favorite Finder’ It will show you photos belonging to one user that have been marked as a favorite by another user. Another toy for Flickr users is the ‘Pool Cleaner’ This helps you to manage photo groups. You select a group, and then click the photos that you want removed. The photos are just about instantly removed after you select them.

The newest addition to the toys for Flickr users is a ‘Profile Widget.’ The profile widget is used to create a customized image to paste into your profile that will update itself every hour. It will show some of your Flickr usage statistics (like how many photos you have) and will select 10 photos to show.

If you’re addicted to taking digital photos/using Flickr, flagrantdisregard.com has put together a really helpful page full of toys to add to your addiction. Go check it out, I think it’s time to play :)