We all rely on at least one technology device or another that we don’t go anywhere without each day like cell phones, laptops, MP3 players, calculators, Pocket PC’s, and the list goes on. I came across a bunch of pictures on Flickr that showed what people were carrying in their bag, and it got me curious about what you carry in yours. Now, I know not everybody carries a bag with them, so in general, what is it that you carry with you on a regular basis whether it be in a computer bag, brief case, purse, or pocket?

I’ll get the ball rollin’ with a picture of what Ryan regularly carries in his bag, and then a few of the Flickr pictures I came across. But like I said, I’m wondering what you’ve got in your bag, so here’s the deal: either you can list what you have in your bag, pocket, etc., in the comments below, or you can head on over to this forum post that I’ve set-up so that you can upload your picture and show us what you’ve got! You DO NOT have to be a registered user in the forum to add a picture. Just click “reply” and look for the “image uploader.”

Ryan’s Bag (click to enlarge)

Ryan's Bag1

Flickr Photos (click to enlarge)

Bag 1 Bag2 Bag3 Bag4

 Your turn…. head on over to the forum and post your pic!