Flickr has redesigned their slideshow photo feature at the request of their users, and now you can view all of your favorite photos in a larger size versus the reduced size that they previously offered.

Here’s what you’ll notice:

  • One-click speed options (slow, medium, fast)
  • Full-sized pictures

Previously, the slide-show feature reduced the size of the pictures and displayed them in a small black box. The new design really showcases your photos because the quality is better, and the size of the photos all depends on your browser size. It will still show the picture comments, and towards the bottom you’ll see only seven thumbnails versus the rows of 19 thumbnails. Once it has cycled through all of your pictures, it will loop back to the beginning.


While there are only seven thumbnails now versus the previous rows of 19, it looks nicer because the focus is left on the photo that you’re viewing. The only problem with this is that now you can’t easily navigate to a specific picture within a set when you’re in the slideshow view.

The larger size is a huge improvement though, and it makes viewing photos in a slideshow more enjoyable. If your photos are private, you won’t be able to share the direct URL for the slideshow with others.  If you’re photos are public, you can copy the URL for the slideshow and send it to family and friends.

Source: Webware