Flickr GeotaggingThe other night I was in the middle of doing some work on my Flickr account when all of a sudden it went down for maintenance. I knew it was going to happen because they notified users in advance, but I had just forgotten. To help the two hour maintenance period go by a little faster they decided to post some fun stats that are almost mind boggling (times mentioned are in the Pacific timezone):

  • We serve 12,000 photos a second at peak times — that’s 2,654,208,000 bits each and every second (8:20 PM)
  • We set an all-time upload record yesterday: 2,070,075 photos in 24 hours! (8:40 PM)
  • The Flickrverse has over 8.5 million registered members (9:00 PM)
  • Over 10 million unique tags have been added to photos on Flickr (9:20 PM)

WOW! 12,000 photos per second is a lot more than I had imagined. Of course, that is at their peak, but by my calculations that is one-gigabyte worth of photos every 3.23 seconds!

They did leave off one stat which I was expecting them to post as well, and it’s that over 17.7 million photos have been geotagged. A geotagged photo is simply one that has been given a location of where that photo was taken. Just recently I started to get into the geotagging of my own photos, and it is also fun to see what pictures people take in your area. For example, on the Iowa State University Campus there have been over 500 photos geotagged.

Be careful though, browsing the map looking at the geotagged photos can be addicting! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.