Flickr Geotagging

It looks like Flickr is now entering Zooomr’s area of expertise: Geotagging. Now I’m not big on uploading my photos to the Web yet because I want the ability to order my pictures in a folder-like structure. However, I have used the services from both Flickr and Zooomr but it is tough to say which one is better.

I’d have to give the edge to Zooomr simply because they use Google Maps which is more powerful in my opinion. Flickr, of course, didn’t have that option and they had to use Yahoo Maps because Yahoo owns them. I don’t have any experience with the API’s but I think Google’s is a little nicer. I am merely going off of the fact that there have been hundreds of different sites that use Google Maps in different ways but I don’t think I have seen any that use Yahoo Maps…until now.

If you want more details on the good and bad of the Flickr geotagging then checkout the review that Thomas Hawk wrote. I was very impressed with the professionalism that he used throughout the review considering he is the Chief Evangelist of Zooomr. That makes me love Zooomr even more knowing that they can accurately review their competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. I’m not too confident that Flickr would do the same for them.