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It seems like it’s been quite a while since Flickr launched a new version of their popular uploader, and it has. That’s why it was nice to hear that Flickr Uploadr 3.0 Beta has been pushed out the door. It comes with the same great features as before, except they’ve added a few additional features that make it even better. You can get the new Uploadr here.

A bulk uploader for any photo service is really helpful because it simply means less work for you. You skip the whole tedious process of uploading your photos one at a time which means you save time. The biggest change with this version is that you can add titles, tags, descriptions, sets and privacy data for the photos that you’ve selected which is really convenient. This change addresses one of the problems that I recently had when I was uploading photos.The problem was that I wanted to upload a bunch of photos, but not all of them were going to be put in the same set. Unfortunately the Flickr Uploadr only allowed me to choose one set for all of those photos which meant I had to do a bulk upload multiple times.

In the past, many people had complained about the fact that there was no way to reorder photos before they were uploaded. This meant that they’d all get uploaded, and then they’d have to manually go through and change them. The Flickr guys heard the complaints, and now you can drag your photos into any order you like… before you upload them. This essentially means that once you click upload and all of your pictures have been added to your account, there should be nothing left to do. I also noticed a link that said “re-sort photos by date taken,” another nice feature.

Do remember that this is in beta which means it may not be smooth sailing. If you do run into a bug here or there, Flickr wants to know about it so that they can get it fixed. All around, Uploadr 3.0 Beta has a lot of great improvements. When I look at the differences between the previous version, they’re huge. Even the interface of the uploader is much different.  If you don’t want to use Flickr’s uploader, remember that the new Windows Live Photo Gallery includes a Flickr uploader which is another great alternative. At this point, there’s no reason for you to manually upload your photos one at a time with the options available.

Source: Download Squad