After Microsoft announced that they were hoping to acquire Yahoo, there was obviously all kinds of talk around the web.  Yahoo fans expressed both pleasure and mostly dis-pleasure at the thought of Yahoo being taken over by Microsoft. Shortly after the announcement, a new group formed over at Yahoo owned photo service, Flickr.  The group is called “Microsoft: Keep Your Evil Grubby Hands Off Our Flickr” and it now has over 2,760 members and all kinds of images. It’s fun to see what people have come up with and below you’ll find five of my favorites.

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flickr 1

“Flickr has the hiccups.  We’re looking into the problem right now.”


“Don’t Make me do it!”


“I’d rather be beaten over the head with a stick, dipped in boiling water….than have my photos controlled by Microsoft.”


Leave Flickr Alone!

leave flickr alone