flickr Over the last four years since Flickr launched, they’ve really made a name for themselves and have become one of the most popular places for people to go to share photos. They’ve got a great community of users who regularly upload, tag, and favorite photos. Many of those community members, who over the years have contributed to the over two billion photos that have been uploaded, have requested that Flickr add video sharing capabilities to make the service complete. After continuous rumors over the last year that Flickr Video was coming, we now have a better idea of when that will actually happen. is reporting that a beta of Flickr Video will be here sometime in April. Given that we’re about mid-way through March, that could mean it’ll be here in as little as 14 days (although it probably wouldn’t be a very good idea for them to launch on April 1st, a.k.a. April Fools Day!). Unlike how Yahoo Photos was shutdown shortly after Yahoo acquired Flickr, Yahoo Video will still stick around (for now). Rumor has it that Yahoo Video will be more for the longer more professional movies while Flickr Video will be for those short clips you take with your camera.

Because most cameras these days have the capability to take pictures and video, it only makes sense that Flickr introduces a video section where people can share their videos with friends and family. As for myself, I have several videos intermingled in with my photos (they were taken with my camera) that I’d love to add to my account, at least to act as a back-up. I’m sure the Flickr team had to spend plenty of time trying to figure out how they were going to create something that wasn’t YouTube which could also help explain why it took them so long to get this thing launched. If their focus is on the clips users take with their cameras, I don’t think they’ll have any problems being successful. At this point, it’s just a matter of waiting for it to launch!

Oh, and happy fourth birthday Flickr!