When Flickr meets Google maps, what do you get? A really cool mashup that shows you in real-time, geo-located Flickr photos. Flickrvision was just released yesterday and it’s created by the same person who made Twittervision, if you’re familiar with that.

When you go to Flickrvision, you’ll see a big map of the World.  Flickrvision moves all around the map to show you where the most recent geo-tagged photo came from on Flickr, and displays the photo.


This is a cool way to get a random sampling of photos from around the World, but unfortunately, it’ll be yet another time waster (in a good way) that’ll keep you distracted from things you should be doing.

I spent a few minutes watching it and I saw lots of different things like flowers, someone opening a gift, a park in the UK, a handful of nature scenes, someone changing a flat tire, and the view of the earth from a plane. If you mouse over the images, they’ll enlarge.

I’m sure the owners of the photos aren’t expecting that a bunch of strangers are viewing their pictures, but that’s what happens when you don’t set your photos to private.

Check it out, I think you’ll enjoy seeing photos from around the world. Some of them are great and really give you a feel for what’s going on outside of where you live.