Android flipboard google reader

My Google Reader feeds are undoubtedly the thing that I spend the most time on when using my mobile devices. I have a few hundred different feeds that I keep track of, and without them I feel like I could be missing out on something great. Normally when reading my feeds I’m using an app like GoodNews, but if I want something a bit more visual that’s when I turn to Feedly.

When you first take a look at Feedly your initial impression will probably be that it looks a lot like Flipboard, and it does. The thing I like about Feedly is that it has a much more robust Google Reader integration where you can navigate your Google reader folders/tags, and have it automatically mark items as read as you swipe past them.

Personally I don’t use Feedly for reading through all of my feeds because I don’t find it to be an efficient way to sift through hundreds of different feed items. So I use it as a compliment to my dedicated feed reader app, and will jump over to Feedly to read some of the feeds that I know include good images. Feedly also seems like it’s a bit easier to use while exercising when compared to some of the other feed readers.

If you decide to hook up your Google Reader account to Feedly you’ll want to pull out the menu that appears on the left side of the screen. From there you can navigate through the folders/feeds you want to read. The menu that pops out from the right side provides a way for you to add additional content that you may not already have in your Google Reader account. That’s also a good way to figure out whether you like the app before setting up the Google Reader integration.

Feedly Homepage (Android/iOS; Free)