Flock 0.7.3 Released

Last week I started using Flock as my everyday browser and it may be tough to pull me away from it now. Some features, like the integrated News Reader, are amazing and do not compare to any other browser. The best part is that Flock is based on the Firefox code and even more importantly it identifies itself as Firefox. Any site that is compatible with Firefox should work perfectly in Flock.

There is now Flock 0.7.3 available and you can download it. One of the most notable features is the ability to export your News feeds. Other than that it is pretty much just a bunch of fixes that make this build more stable. Check out the release notes if you want to see the whole list of new stuff.

Also, I was reading through their forums and noticed that someone said their next Beta release will be based on Firefox 2.0! Hopefully that means Flock will inherit some of Firefox’s new features like inline spell check.