I’m starting to get really excited now because the last time I checked out how Flock was coming along with Firefox 2 integration there was still a lot that needed to be done. The team must be getting close to releasing Flock 0.8 Daphne because I was just playing around with the latest test build and it is looking very nice.

There are still a few bugs that I noticed, like not being able to delete feeds from the News Reader, but I’m sure there are several things they probably want to fix before they officially release it.

The first thing I noticed when installing it is that they have already changed the branding to Flock 1.0 RC1:

Flock Setup


After getting everything installed I started the browser just to notice that they let you import your Firefox 1.x and Firefox 2.x bookmarks:

Flock Import Firefox Bookmarks


What’s the first thing that I check after getting it up and running? The inline spell check of course! Works like a charm:

Flock Inline Spell Checker


What would Flock be without their awesome News Reader? It is definitely my favorite part about the browser but unfortunately at this time I wasn’t able to delete any feeds, configure the typical Flock feed options, or add any feeds by using the “enter an URL” option. I went to our website in order to add our feed and was then prompted with the “Subscribe to this feed” window which still worked.

Flock will actually mark articles as read once you scroll by them. It is very similar to what Google Reader does except I like Flock’s reader much better than any online reader.

Flock News Reader


Lastly, the Options screen. All of the options have been pulled from Firefox 2 but Flock still has their nice search configuration tab available:

Flock Options


That’s all for right now. I figured I should show everyone what has been going on with Flock since I do it with Firefox all of the time. Once Flock gets full integration with Firefox 2 and eliminates the bugs it will be an amazing browser. You can test out the latest trunk build but remember that there will be bugs since this version hasn’t been released.

In the meantime you can download Flock 0.7.7 which they just made available the other day as a maintenance release.