Flock 1.2 Beta is now available, and as hard as it is to believe this version is even more social. This Beta makes it possible to keep up with your friends’ activity on Digg or Pownce, and get AOL email notifications instantly as new messages come crawling in.

Below are two screenshots of what the Digg integration looks like. On the left is what appears in My World, which is your personalized homepage. Here you’ll see your friends’ activities from all of the social networks including Digg. Pictured on the right is the People sidebar, and it shows stories that were recently submitted and Dugg by your friends. There’s also a handy little search box at the bottom that makes it easy to search through your Digg friends.

flock 1.2 digg-1.png

Curious what services Flock supports? The list continues to grow at a steady pace, and right now it includes:

  • People: Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Pownce, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Media Sharing: Photobucket, Picasa, Piczo, Blogger, Blogsome, LiveJournal, and Typepad WordPress.com, and Xanga
  • Online Favorites: Del.icio.us and Magnolia
  • Webmail: AOL Mail, Gmail, and Yahoo! Mail.

Flock is truly becoming a shining point of Web 2.0 services, and to help attract new users the Flock team has also started to assemble how-to videos on using Flock 1.2. Here are the six that they have put together thus far:

Once Flock gets updated with Firefox 3 I think it will become an even better browser. Hopefully that will help out on the performance side a bit, because even in Flock 1.2 I still see it eating up too much of my precious memory.

Flock 1.2 Beta