In a days time there is no doubt that the type of application I use the most is the Web browser. It’s been that way for several years and I have found myself gradually merging things to online services, like my calendar and spreadsheets. The whole Web 2.0 movement is about taking our information and giving it to some external server to be managed. A few years ago if you would have asked someone what their most important computer application was they probably would have said something like Microsoft Office. But, now I think a lot of users would say that their Web browser is what gets all the attention.

I think that’s why so many new Web browsers are popping up and offering features that will not only save us time but also eliminate the number of applications we need to run on our PC. Opera, for example, combines an email client, BitTorrent downloader, note taker, and IRC communications into one convenient Web browser.

Flock in the Windows System Tray Then there is Flock, a new social Web browser that is yet to release version 1 but continues to add new features that other browsers haven’t tackled. It has things like a built-in blogging utility, online bookmark management system, online photo manager, and a feed reader that I absolutely love! They’re looking to take it one step further by offering System Tray Quick Launcher that didn’t seem like anything special when I saw the image of it. I thought it only offered the ability to minimize Flock to the System Tray, but they have plans for it to do so much more.

This is what they had to say on their blog about the System Tray icon:

The idea behind this is to allow users to perform Flock operations and receive Flock notifications without having the browser fully open all the time.

So we would like to know what everyone thinks about having Flock run in the Sys Tray, is there anything that you would like to be able to do with it, like drag photos on to it or open the photo up loader from it? Let me know your thoughts, likes, and dislikes.

We are of course going to implement this on all three operating systems, Windows, OS X, and Linux (Gnome and KDE desktops), any thoughts on this would be appreciated as well.

I am very impressed that they won’t be leaving out any of the operating systems when designing this feature. I looked through the comments that they had already received and one of them mentioned using the icon as a notifier. It would alert them when new items have arrived in their feed reader and also give them the option to check all of their feeds for news without ever having to open the browser. I have to admit that a cross-platform feature like the System Tray notifier would be a nice addition.

If there is something special that you would like to see this feature do just leave them a comment on their blog.