Flock has always been focused on the social side of the web, and there’s no browser that integrates better with all of the popular social networks. They have decided to take it one step further by offering a special edition of their browser that is targeted towards fashion and entertainment enthusiasts that adore the color pink.

When you first fire up the Flock Gloss Edition browser you’ll probably be taken back by it’s vast use of pink. But don’t be deceived because the skin isn’t the only thing that has changed. When you go digging into the RSS feeds and bookmarks you’ll see that they’ve already taken the liberty of populating them with the most popular fashion, celebrity news, lifestyle, shopping, and magazine websites from around the web.

flock gloss.png
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The Flock Gloss Edition is supposed to be more fun for those interested in this type of thing, and the Flock team describes it best when they say “Your friends are always there – just like celebrities in rehab.” You can download the Flock Gloss Edition here if it sounds like something you or your better half would enjoy.

Note: This is still the version of Flock that is based on Firefox 2, not Firefox 3.