Flock 0.7.99/Firefox 2 For those of you who haven’t been keeping up on the Flock news then you might not be aware that testing should be starting soon for version 0.8. I decided to go try out the latest trunk of Flock 0.7.99 to see how things are coming.

There were still a lot of bugs in it but the one thing that really caught my attention is that it is based on Firefox 2 now. After doing a little research I realized that they did this a few months back but I must have never realized it.

Some of the things it does make it pretty obvious that it is running Firefox 2 such as the feed preview, but it is also missing some things that are vital in my opinion. One of those things that apparently didn’t work was the inline spell check. I use that all of the time now and it would be tough to switch to any browser that doesn’t have it. There was a lot of other things that they still needed to be worked on but I didn’t play with the trunk build for too long.

I am just glad to see that they are planning to use Firefox 2 as a backbone to their browser. It has a lot of nice features and merging it with Flock will help draw some of the Firefox users over to their side. Hopefully they get some of the kinks worked out soon because Flock+Firefox 2 will be pretty amazing.