Flock LogoFlock is getting ready to start using word-of-mouth as a way to publicize their new browser. Sure they have already gotten a lot of recognition for their efforts but they want you to start spreading the love even more.

So how are they going to do it? Well, you see all of the Firefox buttons just about anyplace you go that say things like “Get Firefox” or “Take back the web”,  so they decided to try something like that. They just announced that you have until Tuesday 12:00PM PST to submit your vote for the top 4 slogans that you want to see on a button. Here they are:

  • Flock with me
  • Join my Flock
  • Flock n Roll
  • Flock Freely
  • I Flock
  • Flock as You Are
  • Be a Flockstar
  • Flock = Social Web
  • Mind Flock

Personally I think “Flock Freely” is the best one out of that bunch. I think they could have been a little more creative as well and maybe done something like “Flock: your web, your way”.