FloFox - A Flock Theme For Firefox

It was a few weeks ago when Flock released its first Beta to the public. Excitement arose everywhere as people got to experience Firefox with new features and a new theme. For some people the new features were not needed but they became addicted to the new interface. That is why those people will love FloFox.

FloFox is a Flock theme for Firefox. All you have to do is download the theme, unzip the file, and drag the “.jar” file into the Themes window in Firefox. After the theme finishes installing itself you just have to apply it and restart Firefox.

If you haven’t tried Flock out then you really should. It has great features like Del.icio.us, Photobucket, and Flickr integration so that you don’t have to go hunt down Firefox extensions. However, my favorite piece of Flock is the built-in RSS reader that it comes with!