How would you like to fly through traffic, literally? No sitting in your car during rush-hour, no long drives home from work, simply fly! One company called Moller International is working on a series of Skycars which would allow you to do just that.

On Moller’s website, they say that they’ve developed the “first and only feasible, personally affordable, personal vertical takeoff and landing vehicle the world has ever seen.” When they say “personally affordable,” they mean $90,000. Hmmm… definitely not personally affordable for me!

Anyways, one of the projects that they’re working on is called the M200G Volantor which has room for two people. It can hover up to 10 feet at around 50 MPH. If you live in a busy area, that 50 MPH is probably a lot better than the speed you’d be doing in stop-and-go traffic! The video below demonstrates one of these in action.

So aside from the eerie music and the UFO like appearance, it’s kinda nifty, isn’t it? At this stage, I don’t know how practical it would really be, but if you had $90,000 sitting around and nothing to do with it, I’d say it might be a fun toy to have around.

Source: (Thanks for the tip Cory!)