Photoshop-1.pngWe’ve received a lot of requests over the last few months for us to setup a Twitter account that pushes out all the articles we post. The thing that was holding me back from creating one was that I wanted to do it my way. There are services like TwitterFeed that will take in your RSS feed, and post them to your Twitter account, but I didn’t like that solution for a few reasons:

  1. The articles will only get posted to as often as they check my RSS feed. Twitter is all about being “instant”, and so I wanted something that got pushed immediately to Twitter once an article was published. That way when we do things like giveaways people on Twitter will have an advantage.
  2. I didn’t want to be dependent on a third-party service. If you read through some of the support pages for TwitterFeed you’ll see all kinds of people asking why the stuff they’re posting isn’t showing up on Twitter. I didn’t want it to be out of my control if it suddenly stopped working.

So what did I come up with? I ended up making my own custom solution after realizing that nothing fit my needs quite right. I got some example code from existing WordPress plug-ins since I had never interacted with the Twitter API before, but the whole process wasn’t that hard.

The end result is instantaneous Twitter posting as soon as an article becomes available on our site. You can follow CyberNet here (link also available at the top of our sidebar), and you can follow me here if you want.