YouTube isn’t just a place for the homemade videos of your last surprise birthday party. It has become a place where individuals, companies, presidential candidates, musicians, and others, are able to share a piece of themselves with others. Not only are a variety of people represented on YouTube, but different brands are represented as well. Recently Custom Communication Ltd out of the UK who specializes in social media, put together a list of some of the top brands on YouTube.

It would be one thing if these brands purposely created videos for distribution on YouTube to enhance and strengthen their brand (some do), but what has happened is that some brands are often represented on YouTube after a 3rd party created a video, and it’s not always in a positive way. To make it even “worse,” many of these videos become extremely popular. Whether these videos affect the brands in a positive or negative way, we’re not sure, but here is the list of the top 10 brands on YouTube based on the number of views each video has received.

Below you’ll find a “YouTube viewer” to make it easy to switch between the videos, but it only works if you have JavaScript enabled. Here are the top 10 brands on YouTube, for good or for bad…

  1. Nike – ” Ronaldinho: Touch of Gold” – viewed 22,838,929 times
  2. Pepsi –PEPSI (Britney Spears, Beyonce, Pink – We Will Rock You)” – viewed 14,491,813 times
  3. McDonalds –Fast Food Freestyle” – viewed 11,822602 times
  4. Coca-Cola –Diet Coke + Mentos = Human experiment” – viewed 8,651,351 times
  5. Unilever –Dove Evolution” – viewed 6,806,502 times
  6. Disney –Internet is for Porn (requires adult verification by YouTube)” – viewed 3,308,799 times
  7. Budweiser – “Banned Super Bowl 2007 Bud Commercial” – viewed 2,204,028 times
  8. Microsoft – “Microsoft Surface Parody” – viewed 2,098,435 times
  9. IKEA –Banned Commercial – Swedish Midsummer” – viewed 1,519,859 times
  10. Toyota –Top Gear: Killing a Toyota Part 1” – viewed 1,178,365 times

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Source: Social Media Influence [via CenterNetworks]