Back in August we wrote about FotoFlexer, an online photo editing service that really stood out in the crowd of other online services. One of the reasons we liked it was because it had some more advanced features comparable to those you’d find in Photoshop or Paint.NET like the ability to have as many layers as you’d like.  They also implemented shortcuts that are familiar to most like using Ctrl+Z to undo something that had been done. It appears they’re looking to become an even bigger competitor in the market of both online and offline photo editing services by introducing professional tools for users to work with that are free. The service is called FotoFlexer Pro and I think you’ll be impressed.

Here are some of the advanced features that you can expect:

  • Curves and high resolution editing (adjust coloring, contrast, and exposure)
  • Smart scissors for cutting an object out of its background(like the magnetic lasso tool in Photoshop)
  • Preference saver (like Photoshop’s workspace preferences)
  • Color effects (like filters in Photoshop) – they offer quite the selection of different effects including blueprint, neon, grayscale, invert, painting, cartoon, and more


While FotoFlexer Pro doesn’t offer enough for it to be a Photoshop replacement, it does add enough to make it the most full-featured photo editing service available on the web that we are aware of. I’m still a big fan of Picnik though and think their interface is more user-friendly and easier to use. The only downside to Picnik is that their premium service costs $24.95 per year. Whether you choose Picnik, FotoFlexer, or any of the other services available, there are a lot of great choices out there to help you edit photos for little to no cost.

Note: FotoFlexer seems to have a few issues in Opera so you may want to use the service in Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Source: Mashable