FoxiewireSpreadFirefox has announced a new Digg-like site specifically for Mozilla news. The site is called FoxieWire and uses the Pligg software as the foundation to handle the user voting. Here is what SpreadFirefox had to say about the launch:

If you see a news story or information about items related to Mozilla and its products, go to Foxiewire and submit it for others to view and vote on, or you can use Foxiewire’s bookmarklet to submit news from anywhere online. It’s a great site to grab fresh Mozilla news to post on your website or blog.

Any Mozilla content is acceptable including Stories and information about Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Sunbird, and also stories about the people who maintain and develop those products. Basically anything goes as long as its Mozilla related.

At this point it needs some publicity to get the ball rolling, and they really need to feature it somewhere on the Mozilla homepage where it will attract the right people. As it stands they have 18 members and some of the top stories have only 2 votes. One of the things they could do to help out a little bit is remove the requirement that a user has to be registered in order to vote. This would help promote a lot more participation from people just passing by.

The other thing that came to my mind is whether there are just too many Digg clones on the Internet which may deter people from becoming a member? Sure some of them are very focused such as FoxieWire, but these kind of sites require a lot of user dedication in order to become useful and most people already focus a lot of their attention on the real Digg.

If you feel like joining the new FoxieWire site you can head on over and register. Once you got that done you can start submitting your favorite Mozilla-related articles that you find around the Web.

Thanks to Chris in the forum for pointing out the new site!