foxit tabs bookmarks-2.png

Last year we took a look at a sweet PDF reader called PDF-XChange Viewer. One of my favorite things that it includes is a tabbed system for managing multiple PDF’s. It seems like everything is getting tabs these days, and there’s no doubt that they fit very well into a PDF reader. It sure beats having ten different windows open and trying to switch between them all, doesn’t it?

Our fan favorite Foxit PDF reader is jumping on the tab bandwagon as well! The newest version that was just released includes the tab system seen in the screenshot above. Not only that, but it also lets you create bookmarks for any spot within the document which is especially handy when you’re dealing with extensive PDF’s.

Still want more? Here’s a look at some of the other new features and improvements:

  • Multimedia Player Support: Supports many media formats including audio and video. Read multimedia ebooks with Foxit Reader 2.3.
  • Callout and Text box Tool: Creates comments in a callout text box or a box. You can also define their appearance as other commenting tools.
  • Commenting Text Tool: Enables users to add most types of text edits by right-clicking on the selected text, including highlight, strikeout, underline, squiggly and replacement. You can also use the Commenting Text Tool to add bookmarks for PDF files.
  • Rulers and Guides: Provides horizontal and vertical ruler guides to help users align and position objects on the page. Right-clicking on the ruler enables you to change the unit of measurement.
  • Magnifier: Magnifies areas of the PDF files easily as you work on Foxit Reader.
  • Automatic Scrolling: Allows users to view documents without using mouse actions or keystrokes.
  • Optimized Rendering: Supports progressive rendering and significantly reduces the response time from the user interface events.
  • Improved Link Tools: Allows users to add actions to links, such as go to a page view, open or execute a file, open a web link, etc.
  • Improved Snapshot: Enables users to print the selected area in Foxit Reader by simply selecting the Print option from the context menu.
  • Search Enhancement: Allows users to float, move and resize the Full Foxit Search box.
  • Better Annotation control: Groups drawing markups to help users operate objects collectively, and allows users to move annotations through pages.
  • Streamlined UI: A completely redesigned UI with a new look and feel makes Foxit Reader more intuitive than ever before.

I would say that this is actually a pretty big upgrade for Foxit, and I definitely recommend grabbing the new version. Remember, you can download the ZIP version if you want to run it without performing an installation.