Foxit Reader Foxit Reader 2.0 has been released and it is just as great as the previous versions. If you are still stuck in the days of viewing PDF’s using Adobe Acrobat then it must be because you have never tried the free Foxit Reader.

The software is amazing from multiple aspects. Of course the most important feature that it has is the amazingly quick startup time. When I open a PDF it is on my screen for me to read in less than 5-seconds. Can’t beat that!

The second best thing is that you never have to install it. Just download the ZIP file, extract it, and run the EXE. I just drag the file into my Program Files folder and set it up to be my default PDF reader. There is no installation which means no mess!

So if you haven’t tried this PDF reader yet then I highly suggest you give it a whirl. There’s nothing to install so the worst thing that would happen is you download it, try it, and delete it. However, I have never come across someone that doesn’t like it.

Direct Download Link For Foxit Reader 2