Foxit Reader 2.2 Screenshot

Foxit Reader just got perfect in my opinion. You may think that I’m crazy for thinking that it wasn’t perfect before, but one thing that always bothered me was the poor text selection. Before to copy and paste text from a PDF you had to draw a box around the text that you wanted. It was nothing like what Acrobat does for selecting text, and it was far from what people are accustomed to when selecting text in a word processor.

Now, however, that has all changed. Foxit Reader 2.2 has a greatly improved text selection feature. With it you can highlight text line-by-line which is incredibly handy when working with multi-column layouts. If the text that you’re highlighting gets close to the bottom of the page Foxit will automatically begin scrolling for you, too!

The other good news is that the improved text selection is just one of the many new features in Foxit Reader 2.2:

  • Capture words via mouse: If you are using a dictionary software, you may want to use your mouse to capture words inside a PDF file and have them translated. You can turn on this feature by checking “Screen word-capturing” option under Edit>Preferences>General.
  • Advanced PDF Search: Now you can search a string either in a single PDF file or in multiple PDF files under a specified folder. When the search finishes, all occurrences will be listed in a tree view.
  • Minimize Foxit Reader to the system tray: You now can save space on your task bar by minimizing the Foxit Reader to system tray. This feature can be turned on by checking “Minimize to system tray” option under Edit>Preferences>General.
  • Work with friendly bookmarks: Now when you navigate through the PDF document, the highlighted bookmark item will automatically be kept in sync with the current page being displayed. And you can click on a handle to hide or show the bookmark panel.
  • View PDF page size: Now the actual size of each PDF page is displayed on the status bar.
  • Enjoy other improved features: You will enjoy many other improved features, including:
    • Well-organized toolbars
    • Better command line support
    • Enhanced support for eastern Asian languages
    • Many bug fixes

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