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Adobe has struggled with the performance of Acrobat Reader for quite some time, and that’s the main reason I’ve always found myself using the free Foxit Reader. Plus the fact that they’ve always offered the PDF reader as a standalone executable has meant that I can carry around the application on my USB drive. In the end, however, it all comes down to the fact that I can start Foxit in under 2 seconds.

The best part is that they keep making the software better and better. The latest release, Foxit Reader 3.0, includes Firefox support, an improved selection tool, a thumbnail panel, and more. You can find a full list of what’s new here, but these are the ones I wanted to highlight:

  • Enticing Multimedia Design
    Now users can not only play multimedia in Foxit Reader, but also are empowered to add, edit or delete multimedia files with the incredible Movie Tool and Sound Tool.
  • Thumbnail Panel
    Shows thumbnail images for each PDF page and allows users to quickly view relevant portions of a PDF file. Now users can navigate through PDFs with page thumbnails.
  • Layout Panel
    Lists PDF layers in the document, allows users to control the display of some certain content areas.
  • Awe-Inspiring Foxit OnDemand Content Management
    This new add-on enables users to organize, share and collaborate on documents and forms online. Users can upload from Foxit Reader or send documents with ease. Advanced features include workflow driven document sharing, revisions of documents, CollabRoom for group collaboration.
  • Firefox Support
    With Firefox Plugin, users can view and work with PDF files loaded in Foxit Reader with Firefox web browser.
  • Improved Select Text Tool
    Not only used for selecting text, but also enables users to add most types of annotations, including highlight, strikeout, underline, squiggly, replacement, etc.
  • Better Annotation Control
    Allows users to align and center multiple annotations on PDF pages, including Notes, Drawing Markups and Typewriter Comments.
  • Advanced Toolbar Control
    Completely rearranges the toolbar layout and allows users to easily customize the tools that appear in Foxit Reader.
  • Transferrable preferences Settings
    Foxit Reader creates an INI file to save user’s preferences settings so that it can be easily kept and transferred. Users can keep their own settings and don’t have to configure them when Foxit Reader is updated or moved.

Get Foxit Reader 3.0 for Windows