Foxmarks 2 Beta Foxmarks is the 13th most popular extension for the Firefox browser, and users who don’t mind test driving a Beta version can get a sneak peek at the upcoming Foxmarks 2.0! Initially you won’t be able to see a lot of differences because most of the work has been happening underneath the surface.

For starters Foxmarks has redesigned the way that they synchronize your bookmarks. Instead of synchronizing all of your bookmarks each time it will not only synchronize those bookmarks that have changed (newly added, renamed, moved, etc…). If you only have a handful of bookmarks you probably won’t notice much of a difference, but it should be a lot faster for those of you with hundreds (or even thousands) of bookmarks.

Foxmarks 2.0 has also implemented a new feature for synchronizing favicons, but from what I gather the favicons are still not shown on the My Foxmarks website. They are, however, synched across all computers that are running Foxmarks 2.0. This is especially great for all of you who use the Favicon Picker to customize the icons for your favorite websites.

There is some important information for those of you who are upgrading from Foxmarks 1.0:

You cannot easily mix Foxmarks 1.0.1 and Foxmarks 2.0; they exist in separate universes. If you do choose to run with Foxmarks 2.0, make sure you update all your existing installations to Foxmarks 2.0. There’s no risk of data loss, but changes you make with one version 1.0.1 won’t find their way to your Foxmarks 2.0 installations until you upgrade (and vice versa). Once you upgrade your first computer to Foxmarks 2.0, going to My Foxmarks will only show you Foxmarks 2.0 data — another reason to upgrade all your machines.

As of right now Foxmarks 2.0 is not compatible with pre-release versions of Firefox 3. The developer has said that he will begin working on a compatible version once Firefox 3 hits the Beta stage.

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