foxmarks.pngFoxmarks is one of the most used Firefox add-ons raking in nearly 70,000 downloads every week, and up until now it has well over 5 million total downloads. With it you can synchronize your bookmarks between multiple computers, or in my case use it as a backup. The popularity of this extension shows just how important a user’s bookmarks are.

On Tuesday the developers publicly released Foxmarks, and this version is capable of running on Firefox 1.5 and up (including Firefox 3). According to the Foxmarks Blog 20,000 users participated in the Beta, and have verified that it works as expected:

We should note that until Firefox 3 ships (expected in about two weeks, according to what we hear), we’ll be continuing to refine Foxmarks’ support for that browser. There are still some rarely experienced problems, but having validated the core functionality with nearly 20,000 users in beta test, we felt sufficiently confident to make it available to anyone who has already made the early jump to Firefox 3.

Once you have Foxmarks up and running you’ll be able to access your bookmarks from any computer either through synchronization, or with the web interface. Hopefully having Foxmarks on the Firefox 3 Bandwagon will ease the transition for many of you.

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