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I’ve used a lot of different password-saving programs including Roboform and Lastpass which are held in high regard by the people I know. Lastpass is nice because it works on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, and many mobile devices) as well as most major browsers. Those apps haven’t found their way on to my machines though. Ever since getting a Mac I’ve always leaned towards 1Password because of the polished interface and nice integration it has to offer.

Earlier this week I saw what is one extremely clever marketing campaign by Agile, the makers of 1Password. They sent out an email to all 1Password owners saying that they get a free license to give away to a friend or family member. If you own the 1Password for Mac you can give away a license for that version, and if you own 1Password for Windows you can give that away. If you own both then you can give away a license of each.

Note: From what I can tell it looks like you can actually send out more than one license as well. After sending a license it gives you a “Send Another Gift” option.

This is sheer genius. It reminds me of when Google used an invite system to get people on Gmail. Just like with Gmail they got me to send out the 1Password license to someone that didn’t own it and had never tried it. I’m spreading the word for them, and in some ways I’ve provided a personalized recommendation to the recipient since they now know I use this app.

This is how they get ya though. I originally got 1Password 2.x for free when MacHeist was giving it away for free two years ago. When 1Password 3.0 came out I decided to spend the $20 it cost to upgrade because I wanted to support them and it felt like a deal since it was half the original price. They got me in with a free version, and down the road I became a paid upgrader. As they say… the first one is free because they know you’ll come back wanting more. What’s cool is that Agile must be confident in the quality of their app, otherwise they might not be able to count on those upgrades.

The support 1Password provides is pretty awesome, which you can see how dedicated they are to the community simply by visiting their forum. So this article is both a kudos to them for working so hard to develop a great app, and a reminder to hit up a 1Password owner to get your own license for free (remember, they should be able to send it to more than one person). If they don’t see the email they can login here to access the giveaway options.

This giveaway is only available for a limited time, so you better hit up your friends now before it’s too late.