AVG Anti-Virus Grisoft a few weeks ago released AVG 7.5 but I refrained from posting about it because they did not update the free version at that point. They finally upgraded the free version to AVG 7.5 which is great for people looking for a free anti-virus solution.

Those people who already have the free version of AVG installed will NOT receive an auto-upgrade. You still have to download the setup and run it. Here is what you would have to do to upgrade which is essentially the same for those doing a clean install:

  1. Run the AVG Free Edition 7.5 Setup program
  2. Click “Next >” on the AVG “Welcome!” screen
  3. Click “Accept” on the “License Agreement on Use of an AVG Free Edition” screen
  4. Select “Repair installation” on the “Select Setup Type” screen and click “Next >”
  5. Select “Restart the computer now” (pre-selected by the program automatically) and click “OK” on the “Installation Complete!” screen to restart your computer and complete the installation

I also noticed on that same page they have AVG Anti-Spyware 7.5 for free but I’m not sure if that is new. They say that the free version is the same as the paid version for the first 30-days and then after that it functions as a feature-limited anti-spyware application. I’m not sure what features it disables but if you’re looking for a free anti-spyware application then you may like this.