Background patterns

Creating patterns that are repeatable and look good is something designers spend a lot of time working on. I recently came across an awesome site called Subtle Patterns that looks to make this a little easier for non-designers by providing us with a small image that we can use to repeat across an entire website’s background. As of right now there are over 80 patterns available for you to freely use, and more are regularly being added.

The fact that the site offers these patterns for free is pretty awesome, but they also offer the ability to instantly preview the pattern by hovering over any of them and clicking the Preview button. You’ll see the pattern get applied to the Subtle Patterns site to give you an idea what it may look like when used at full-scale.

The screenshot above shows a pattern I applied called “Black Linen 2″, which you probably realize resembles the background Apple uses in Mac OS X Lion as well as iOS.

Subtle Patterns Homepage