office designer themes.jpg

Microsoft Office is a powerhouse suite, and it does of course include templates for the various applications. What it doesn’t really have, however, are templates that tie together the different apps within the suite. It looks as though Microsoft may have realized this pitfall, and so they posted six very nice (and free) designer templates that each come in nine different color schemes.

The best part about this is that each design has templates for presentations, spreadsheets, invoices, letterheads, business cards, email blasts, and newsletters. Just go to this site, select the design from the thumbnails along the top, choose a color at the bottom, and click download. What you’ll get is a ZIP file that contains all of the templates, and they’ll work with Office 2007. Most of the templates will also open in Mac Office 2008, except for those designed for Publisher.

So if you’re using Microsoft Office 2007 or Office 2008 you should definitely go checkout these free designer templates. They can bring a whole new sense of professionalism to your documents and presentations. Plus these are templates that people have probably never seen before, and they might think that you had them custom designed. ;)

Microsoft Designer Templates [via WinSuperSite]