Freeing up some space on your hard drive may not be a concern right now, but down the road you may find that the space left on your drive is a little lower than you’d like. When that happens you’ll turn to a disk space tool such as FilePro.

I’ve tried a bunch of these different apps, and FilePro is definitely one of the nicer ones. It’s free for home/personal use ($20 for business), and is able to gather a lot of information about the files/folders that are eating up all your precious space. Normally I’m partial to the old fashioned Explorer-like view seen in the screenshot above, but I have to say that their “map” representation is nice because you can zoom in on segments of your hard drive to see a more detailed visual breakdown.

If you’re looking for a “quick fix” the file stats will be where you want to head first. That will show you the largest files on the drive along with some useful advanced filtering options. You can filter by filename/directory, size, and date modified/created. After applying a filter you should find that the results are almost instantaneously updated.

FilePro is also capable of much more:

  • Generate disk treemaps for local or network volumes
  • Search and locate files in treemaps by automatic zoom-in and positioning.
  • Save entire or partial volume snapshots
  • Compare snapshot against current disk state or past snapshots, and examine the changes by difference in size or percentage difference
  • Copy/Move/Rename/Delete files or directories
  • Directory analysis
  • Compare files and/or directories
  • Find duplicate files

In terms of how fast this was able to crawl my drive I’d say it’s about the same as all the other space usage utilities out there. I haven’t really come across a disk space analyzer that stands out in terms of speed, but the feature set of this one definitely sets it apart from some of the alternatives.

FilePro Homepage (Windows only; Free for home/personal use)