DivX Pro for Free
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If you’re a fan of DivX then you’ll probably want to take advantage of this limited time offer. the DivX team is currently offering a free version of DivX Pro for Windows and for Mac which would normally cost you $20. Basically you download the 21MB file, install DivX Pro, and after the installation is done it will prompt for your email address (as seen in the screenshot above). You’ll receive the serial number needed to register the software at the email address you provide.

The big difference the free DivX and DivX Pro is that you get the DivX Converter (which didn’t work with Vista when I tried it) and the DivX Pro Codec. Here are the benefits each provide:

  • DivX Converter
    • Drag-and-drop nearly any video format to create a high-quality, highly compressed DivX video
    • Merge and convert multiple videos into a single DivX file with an automatically generated menu
  • DivX Pro Codec
    • Higher performance, including multi-threaded support for better performance on all HyperThreaded, dual core and dual CPU (SMP) systems
    • More encoding options, including six carefully optimized encoding modes that balance visual quality and performance for virtually any application

Even if you don’t need it right now, I recommend that you download DivX Pro for Windows or for Mac so that you can get a serial number. Unfortunately it requires that you immediately install it to get the serial number, but you can pick and choose which components you want installed.

Source: Ghacks