Yahoo Coffee

Wow, we all thought it was going to be some kind of cheap coffee but it looks like you can get a 16oz Iced Coffee for “setting Yahoo as your homepage.” I decided to give it a shot so I opened IE7 to do it (didn’t want it to mess with my Firefox homepages). I saw the little advertisement on that is pictured above so I clicked on it.

I then began navigating through the screens where they ask you for your name, zip code, and a few other things (not your entire address though). Finally, it took me to the page that I could print the coupon off with:

It was pretty clever of them to put my name on it so that it is harder for me to make photocopies. However, I never set my homepage to Yahoo? I went and checked my setting and it was still set to Google! Their system must either be a little flawed or they are just trusting that people will set them as their homepage (yeah, right). Too bad the coupon is only good for today…but there is no Dunkin Donuts within 50 miles of me anyway.