easy photo sharing.png

I love when people develop tools that don’t take a genius to use. Something that I could share with my parents and rest easy knowing that even they will be able to understand how it works. DropMocks is a fine example of just that.

This is hands-down the easiest photo sharing site that I’ve ever come across. There’s no registration required, it’s free, there are no upload forms, and there’s no cluttered interface that leaves you second-guessing whether you’re doing things right. As you can see in the screenshot above literally all you have to do is drag-and-drop your images from your computer onto the website. They will automatically be uploaded, and you’ll instantly be taken to a gallery you can share with your friends.

easy photo gallery sample.png

What does the gallery look like? Here is an example I made using some sample photos, and as you can see the interface is extremely clean. Clicking on the left-half of the window will navigate to the previous image, and the right-half will navigate to the next image (you can also use the left/right arrow keys). The images also scale to the size of your browser window making it convenient to use for anyone you send the link to.

Sound too perfect? Well, there is one caveat. DropMocks uses HTML5 and only supports uploading using Chrome 6 or Firefox 4. Once you’ve uploaded the photos the actual gallery viewing appears to be supported by all major browsers. So I’m looking at this as a taste of what we’re going to get from the next generation browsers, and I must say I like what I’m seeing.

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