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I love when people develop tools that don’t take a genius to use. Something that I could share with my parents and rest easy knowing that even they will be able to understand how it works. DropMocks is a fine example of just that.

This is hands-down the easiest photo sharing site that I’ve ever come across. There’s no registration required, it’s free, there are no upload forms, and there’s no cluttered interface that leaves you second-guessing whether you’re doing things right. As you can see in the screenshot above literally all you have to do is drag-and-drop your images from your computer onto the website. They will automatically be uploaded, and you’ll instantly be taken to a gallery you can share with your friends.

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What does the gallery look like? Here is an example I made using some sample photos, and as you can see the interface is extremely clean. Clicking on the left-half of the window will navigate to the previous image, and the right-half will navigate to the next image (you can also use the left/right arrow keys). The images also scale to the size of your browser window making it convenient to use for anyone you send the link to.

Sound too perfect? Well, there is one caveat. DropMocks uses HTML5 and only supports uploading using Chrome 6 or Firefox 4. Once you’ve uploaded the photos the actual gallery viewing appears to be supported by all major browsers. So I’m looking at this as a taste of what we’re going to get from the next generation browsers, and I must say I like what I’m seeing.

DropMocks Homepage

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  1. Seems pretty cool. I definitely like how the gallery is presented. I wish there was a slide strip at the bottom so you can get an overview of what is in a gallery.

    Apparently there is a 900 KB file size limit.

    • Really? I could have sworn that I had tested it with files larger than that. Maybe not though. Hopefully they will automatically scale down large files in the future.

  2. This is awesome and it shows up well on smartphones. Only wish you could swipe to the next photo. I also agree with David about the slide strip. This totally has potential.

  3. I completely agree! I’m no computer techy and I like an easy site that I can use for my pictures. Right now I use KIZOA and I love it, but I’ll look into DropMock too!

  4. Very, very nice,
    but I did not found if it is possible to re-ordering already uploaded pictures and if there is a “slide-show” mode available…

  5. Fantastic, use this a lot now, would be better if the file list on the right could be moved as it covers the photo if long, kevin

    • I just noticed – if you point at an image and drag to the left you will see all of it, the ‘back’ button returns you to where you were

  6. Hmmmm, who IS dropmocks? How come there’s no information on who they are, or what they do, or how they do it? How do they pay their bills? How do they afford unlimited (?) server space to store pictures (indefinitely?) for free? Do they sell user Email addresses to advertisers? Do they collect and sell other information? Are they putting snoopy cookies on our computers? Where are we sending our pictures? Are they systematically stored and kept, whether we delete them or not? Are the URLs to our pictures only apparent to us, is there some other way for “outsiders” to look into dropmocks albums?

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