EverNote (review) is one of our favorite freeware apps, and some of you might be enjoying the full $50 version from the last time it was given away. Now Giveaway of the Day has EverNote Portable available for free for today only!

EverNote Portable normally costs $19.95, so this is a rather good deal. One thing that you should be aware of, however, is that this does not include all of the features that the full version has:

  • It does not include any EverNote Clippers other than the Universal Clipper. However, if EverNote Portable is run on a computer that has the EverNote Clippers installed, then EverNote Portable will be able to use the installed Clippers
  • Links between notes, as well as links from external applications to notes, are not supported in EverNote Portable
  • No handwriting recognition or image search features

If you want to pick up the full version of EverNote they have it for $30 off, and it will run you just $19.95 from their holiday store. I guess you don’t have any excuse for not getting organized after the new year!

Download EverNote Portable for Free (Windows 2000/XP/Vista)