fontpark-1.pngFinding free fonts isn’t always easy, but in the past was a place I could turn to. They offer over 8,000 free fonts as well as live previews from the entire selection that they have available. The other day, however, I happened to stumble upon an awesome site called that has over 70,000 free fonts (for both commercial and noncommercial use)!

Like most other sites the fonts are broken down into dozens of categories, and as an example the “movies” category includes fonts from popular titles like Back to the Future and Harry Potter. A quick search reveals that they also have brand-related fonts like Coca Cola and Pepsi, but they are spread out across categories making them a bit harder to find. There are also all the typical categories that you’d expect, such as calligraphy, comic, handwritten, modern, and sans serif. In all there are over 80 categories available.

The other thing that you’ll find a bit more unique with FontPark is that they have more than just character-based fonts. They have shapes, signs, and other abnormal style fonts (kinda along the lines of wingdings). If you’re just out to find a slightly more unique font without too much digging you can jump over to the top fonts section on the site to pick from the ones that are the most downloaded. Homepage