Free gmail notifier

In the past we’ve covered some Gmail notifiers, such as Spiffy, but there is always room for some alternative apps. Gmail Notifier Pro is a rather full-featured notifier that goes beyond a simple popup notification. Not only does it let you manage your mail (read, write, reply, etc…) it also supports fetching for RSS feeds, Google Reader, Google Calendar, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail. As you can see the app has expanded well beyond what the name implies.

Gmail Notifier Pro has a healthy number of options you can customize so that the app behaves exactly how you want it to. You can change the way notifications look, how often accounts are checked, keyboard shortcuts, and much more. Plus there is a portable version of the app that can be used to easily get email notifications on whatever PC you are using.

There is a catch though. Unless you pay $9.95 for the app you are only able to add two accounts, which I’m sure could be a deal killer for some of you. If you only need to monitor two accounts this is a great app to try out.

Gmail Notifier Homepage (Windows only; Free for 2 accounts)